Monday, February 21, 2011

Reading the comments

On the articles about Scott Brown makes me so very angry!  What especially upsets me is all of the people who keep saying that he owes it to other potential victims to report and press charges against his abuser.  Some people have even said that it would be Scott Brown's fault if others have or are abused.  This enrages me!  The only person to blame is the abuser himself.  No victim should have to carry the responsibility of their abuser's actions.  It's not the victim's fault that they were abused, it's not the victim's fault that they didn't tell, and it's certainly not the victim's fault if their abuser reoffends.

People who blame the victim are ignorant.  They, fortunately for them, don't understand the horrible reality of reporting your abuser.  It's not quick and easy like it's made out to be on television shows.  It's long, emotional, and often harmful to the victim.  Just the presumption of innocence of the person who has hurt you so terribly is a huge blow to your self confidence.  Survivors of sexual assault don't choose not to report their abuser to protect the abuser, they do it to protect themselves.  If that makes them a little selfish too bad, they don't owe anybody but themselves.  They deserve to heal in whatever fashion works for them.

I chose to report what happened to me, but not even for one second would I ever question someone's decision not to go through this hell.

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