Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just Because A court Date is Set

Doesn't mean it won't be delayed. January 5th the trial was supposed to start and I was supposed to testify. I was super anxious for the two weeks leading to the date, and everyday thought that there was no way I was going to make it. I did make it however, forced myself to get up, drove an hour to the courthouse with my supporters and waited two hours. Then the ADA said there weren't enough jurors and the trial was being pushed back to May 9th. May 9th! Over four whole entire months away.

On one hand this false alarm proved to me that I can do it, and make myself get there and testify. On the other I'm angry- this seems like a misappropriation of justice. I've been waiting so long. It seems like sex crimes just aren't as important as other crimes in this country especially drug crimes which seem to see their date in court rather quickly. Another thing that made me angry was the ADA telling me that they didn't ask for extra jurors for this court date because they've been burned in the past and had to send lots of jurors home. Seriously? Jurors are free! Also there's overpopulation in this country, you can't tell me they couldn't risk possibly sending jurors home without serving! I'm also disappointed, I was excited to start the new year without this hanging over my head! It was going to be a fresh start, but now it's not. Now I get to spend another several months waiting for this trial to start and end.

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